Business Development Manager for Inc Sport

Job description

We are looking for a Business Development Manager to create and convert new business opportunities. We are sports-focused digital innovation and data analysis businesses and therefore you must have previous experience of working in this sector and a role in business development for a digital agency, data analysis or in software development. This is a key role within our Inc & Co Sport division and you will be working closely with the senior team from multiple sport-related organisations within the Group. You may be an experienced business development manager looking to work with a leading team or an experienced business development executive looking to take a step up.

This is an exciting, varied and fast-paced role that requires focus, tenacity and the ability to deliver. You will create high-quality partnerships and sales leads, convert prospects into clients, manage the sales process and achieve sales targets. You will own and manage the sales strategy, the sales process, the CRM system and the sales tracking and reporting. You will also create new business proposals and presentations, issuing our standard contract for all new clients. This role requires the ability to network and create opportunities by building strong personal relationships with partners and prospects. You will sell digital strategy, solutions, websites and applications to prospective clients through technical knowledge, expertise and passion. Having defined their requirements, you will explain and demonstrate why Inc & Co is the right long-term partner for them.

You will work closely with the Heads of Businesses at multiple Inc and Co Sport related businesses, such as Skylab and Insight Analysis, who you will collaborate with and develop opportunities for you to close and deliver. It’s important that you have genuine knowledge, understanding and passion for digital, data analysis and software development. You will need an open attitude towards constantly learning about the latest developments in digital strategy, websites and applications, in order to apply the learning and evolve the sales strategy and process.

Job requirements

Ongoing outcomes for the role to achieve:

  • Demonstrate how Inc & Co sport division can create value for prospects.
  • Create high-quality partnerships.
  • Create high-quality sales leads.
  • Convert prospects into clients.
  • Manage the sales process.
  • Achieve sales targets.

Assets or activities owned and controlled by this role.

  • Sales strategy.
  • Sales process.
  • CRM.
  • Sales tracking and reporting.
  • New business proposals and presentations.
  • Account Development
  • Contracts.

Ongoing activity that the organisation can expect from this role.

Sales Strategy & Process:

  • Define and evolve a relevant sales strategy for a sports focused group of companies.
  • Define and evolve the sales process.


  • Network to create opportunities to establish new partnerships.
  • Network to generate new prospects and sales opportunities.
  • Work your network to generate referrals.
  • Attend third party and Inc Sport events and conferences.


  • Build strong, personal relationships with partners and prospects.


  • Conduct technically-focused discussions with technical and non-technical clients about how digital strategy, analysis, websites and applications can transform their organisation.
  • Use technical knowledge to create the opportunity and define the logic as to why Inc Sport is the right partner.

Sales & Commercial:

  • Sell digital innovation, strategy, websites and applications to prospective clients through knowledge, expertise and passion.
  • Create and close high quality new business opportunities.
  • Regularly update CRM system, sales tracking and reporting tools to capture data and reflect the status of all opportunities.
  • Define the requirements of potential new clients and represent these back to the pitch team, so that appropriate sales materials can be created.
  • Lead the creation of proposals and presentations, working with internal teams to collate input.
  • Close new business opportunities created by the Heads of Businesses or Marketing Manager.
  • Agree commercial terms with clients.
  • Ensure all clients have appropriate contracts in place.


  • Open attitude towards learning about the latest developments in digital strategy, websites and applications.
  • Apply learnings to evolve the sales strategy and process.